The Harvard Club Downtown

One Federal Street

38th Floor

Boston, MA 02110

Phone: (617) 542-2070






Following are taken directly from the Harvard Club's website

Q. Where is the Club located and how do I access it?
A. The Club is located on the 38th floor on 1 Federal Street in Boston's Financial District adjacent to Post Office Square. If you have your Club I.D with you you can pass right through Security, if not you will be required to show a picture I.D and they will issue you a name tag. Therefore we urge you to carry your Club I.D with you at all times when visiting the facility.   

Q. I need Directions and is there parking available for non-members?

A. Parking Downtown

Harvard Club Members can receive a reduced parking rate by presenting their parking ticket along with their Harvard Club Membership Card for validation. Validation after 9:31AM & before 4PM can be completed by visiting the reception desk atop the 38th floor, after 5PM please see the bartender on duty located at The Crimson. Please note; if entering the garage before 9:31am or between the hour of 4PM and 5PM, Member or Non-Member, MondayFriday, Non-Member parking rates will apply to all. Lot Phone   # (202) 973-9315

  • Non-Members:  Daily rates, Monday through Friday, during the week begin at $5 for the first 20 minutes and up to a full day rate of $40. Non-Members parking after 5PM pay $10.
  • Weekend: Members & Non-Members, when visiting the Club on the weekends will be able to receive a rate of $10 without any required validation.


Please pay at the first Kiosk located next to the elevator in the parking garage. Payment options vary.

  • Non-members may pay by cash or credit card.
  • Chaser Tickets: If attending a function at the Harvard Club simply insert your chaser ticket as payment into the Kiosk.

All methods of Payment will produce a ticket which is used to open the gate upon exiting the garage.

Q. Does the Club have wireless Internet access and what is the rule regarding cell phone use?
A. The entire Downtown Club is set up for Wireless Internet access. Cell phones can only be used in the Miller Lounge which is the area adjacent to the elevators. Cell phones are not to be used in our Member's dining rooms.

Questions about logistics and registration.



What is the dress code for the seminar?

The dress code at the Club is 'business casual". This is defined as slacks and collared shirts, but a jacket is optional. Jeans, shorts, baseball caps or t-shirts are prohibited in the Club.      

What should I bring to the seminar?

You should bring a notebook or any other device that you would use to take notes.

Where else can I park if One Federal's parking lot is full?

The Harvard Club recommends:

101 Arch St:

PO Square:

You can also check out Parkopedia:

If visitors need to find parking, consider is a free website that lists all the publicly available parking lots and garages and also provides information about street parking.

What if I purchase a ticket, but I can't attend?

If you have already purchased a ticket but find that you can't attend the event, you can transfer it to another individual at no cost. We can honor requests for refunds made at least 2 weeks before the event, but a $100 cancellation fee will be charged. Unfortunately we can not give refunds requested less than 2 weeks before the event. (In some cases of extenuating personal circumstances, the Agile For Executives registrar may be able to offer more generous refund terms.)